Your Portfolio Co-Pilot

Optimize weights in your portfolio and learn as you grow with our educational content.
Gain access to sophisticated analytics previously reserved for professionals.
Your Portfolio Co-Pilot
Optimize weights in your portfolio and learn as you grow with our educational content.
Gain access to sophisticated analytics previously reserved for professionals.
Our Key Features

Utilize our AI-powered analytics, grounded in recent academic research and optimization techniques based on modern portfolio theory, complemented by educational content delivered through a GPT-4 tailored chatbot for financial education.

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    Portfolio Optimization - Right Weights, Better Returns

    We deliver expert portfolio construction advice, leveraging modern portfolio theory and diversification principles, complemented by thorough backtesting and stress-testing to ensure robust, resilient investment strategies.

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    Analytic Tools - Know Your Performance

    Empower yourself with powerful tools, from fundamental metrics like volatility and Sharpe ratio to innovative, AI-powered 'mood' indices, designed to empower investors with comprehensive, yet accessible, investment insights.

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    Educational Content - Learn as You Grow

    Make investing easier with our financial GPT bot, ready to answer any of your questions simply, and supplement it with our educational reels.

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    Notifications - Stay Tuned

    Try our enhanced investment experience with timely notifications and alarms for investment opportunities and portfolio rebalancing, complemented by AI-driven summary of the most impactful news and market outlooks.

Take a Quick Glance at Vagr
How It Works
Choose Personal Portfolio
Our platform goes beyond the constraints of robo-advisors by not confining you to predetermined portfolios, offering you the freedom to explore and customize your investment strategy.
Optimize Allocation
Explore our personalized advice on portfolio optimization and asset allocation, perfectly aligned with your risk tolerance, to guide your investment journey.
Run Simulations
Utilize our platform to conduct backtesting and various simulations with historical market data, enabling you to evaluate your portfolio's performance comprehensively. Discover your potential highest and lowest returns, understand maximum drawdowns, and gain insights into your investments' possible gains and losses, among other detailed analyses.
Never Miss an Opportunity

Our platform elevates your investing journey by providing prompt alerts for new investment opportunities, portfolio rebalancing or any other adjustments.

Enhance Your Strategy with AI
With 'mood' indices and AI-driven comprehensive summaries of crucial news and market forecasts, we ensure you're well-informed and ready to act.
Learn as You Grow
Explore our customized advice on investment principles, portfolio theory, and risk metrics tailored to your market understanding level. Our platform supports your growth from novice to expert through interactive learning, guiding you every step of the way.
Subscription Plans
Access to sophisticated yet straightforward analytics has never been easier, bringing professional-grade insights within your reach
Get a taste of our features

Mobile interface

Features based on 3-months lagged data:

  - Portfolio monitoring (1 portfolio)

  - Portfolio optimization

  - All analytical tools

  - AI-powered 'mood' indices

Financial GPT-bot (3 request)

Entry level educational modules

All you can use and more
$200 / month

All our Individual plan features, plus:

Desktop view

Unlimited Financial GPT-bot

Tailored educational modules

Unlimited portfolio monitoring and optimization

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